<p style="font-weight: bold;">A 2020 survey by Digital Commerce Association noted that Card Linked Offers (CLO) were the second most preferred marketing channel (21.8%), only behind social media (22.6%). For those of you who aren’t familiar with Card Linked Offers, these are the offers you see in banking, credit card, and retail loyalty apps on the consumer side. These offers can range from cash back in the form of statement credits, loyalty points, crypto currency, and more recently, even Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). <br><br>Of the survey respondents, 64.3% also indicated they intend to grow their CLO investment, and they do so because it’s an effective tool to win new customers, keep them loyal, and to engage in a marketing channel that is much more ROI-positive than spending on social or search.</p><p></p><h6><span style="font-weight: bold;">Here are 7 reasons why marketers love transaction-based offers that further support this:</span></h6><ol><li><strong>Card Linked Offers provide consumers &amp; brands with a trusted environment</strong><br>It’s widely known that banks are historically the most conservative institutions when it comes to data, security, and brand association; which benefits both consumers and brands alike. According to a survey by Lending Tree, 73% of consumers trust their banks to have their best interests in mind. On the other hand, the logos that appear within CLO are the top brands in the world, and creates a sacred real estate for brands to be included amongst.<br><br></li><li><strong>Bots don’t have bank accounts</strong><br>We all know about the first IAB report that shook the industry in 2015 which estimated fraud at 50%. While this situation has improved since then, fraud is something we still combat daily. The nature of CLO is such that the entire experience happens within a bank account, which means it requires a real user to login and transactions with real money. This scenario dramatically decreases the possibility of fraud and/or bots corrupting the experience.<br><br></li><li><strong>Efficient targeting within a cookieless environment</strong><br>The changes to Apple’s privacy policy inherently changed how marketers approach data, and they are now tasked with targeting consumers in a cookieless world. When it comes to CLO, there are no cookies needed. Instead, everything is based on non-identifiable transaction data that the consumer has opted into sharing. This way, CLO can accurately account for consumers’ nuanced spending differences while adhering to a privacy-safe environment that offers more accurate transaction data to target consumer behaviors. <br><br>For example, take two individuals with the same demographic profile: While their demographics are similar, the way that they spend their money can vary dramatically.<br><br></li><li><strong>CLO is performance-driven &amp; offers a flat ROAS</strong><br>Not all CLO are going to be the same and fee structures can be complicated. However, Button’s CLO are entirely performance-based. This means we take a flat media fee for every transaction, which offers brands a guaranteed Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) that ensures they can align to performance goals.<br><br></li><li><strong>Ability to measure a true ROI in terms of incremental growth</strong><br>Beyond ROAS, Button also has the ability to measure incrementality and demonstrate a true ROI by looking at the revenue for a test and control group. When comparing revenue generated by the test group with the control group, we can measure the sales lift in relation to the media investment. This isn’t an arbitrary measurement of last-click attribution, but instead looks at actual revenue and transaction data as provided by the banks themselves.<br><br></li><li><strong>CLO captures an omni-channel shopper</strong><br>While the consumer may see their offer on a mobile device or a desktop, CLO rewards a consumer for shopping in the channel they choose, be it online or in-store. In addition, by looking at CLO transaction data, we can effectively measure success at a macro level and not be hindered by measurement of siloed purchase channels.<br><br></li><li><strong>Price sensitive consumers prefer cash back offers &amp; savings</strong><br>Let’s face it, we are all price sensitive in the current economic environment. CLO plays directly into that dynamic by offering tangible monetary value that influences purchasing behavior. </li></ol><p>&nbsp;</p><p>As a whole, consumers want savings, convenience, and personalization — all of which is possible through Card Linked Offers. So, if you’re a marketer who is interested in profitable growth by tapping into millions of consumers you’ve never had a meaningful way to connect with, now’s the time to act. <br><br>Uniquely positioned as a long-standing neutral authority in the digital commerce space, Button has a proven track record of driving billions of dollars of commerce for the world’s largest brands — along with a dedication to incrementality and personalization that the CLO category has yet to offer. So it’s no surprise that Button has entered the card linking space at the behest of our most forward-thinking retailers. <br><br>Whether you’re seeking to dip a toe in the water, or dive right in, <a href="https://www.usebutton.com/tap" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Button’s Tap platform</a> can provide an easy onramp for entering the CLO space that is focused on your goals. By tapping into this channel can guarantee ROI, prove incrementality, and deliver the outcomes you need in order to secure that next promotion. <br><br>If you’re interested, reach out to our Tap team.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align: center;">&nbsp;</p>