We all know that more shoppers transact on mobile than ever before and that landing pages are a marketer's digital billboard. But what happens if your links are broken, tracking is fractured, and your consumer shopping experience is subpar? Button's PostTap App platform offers brands highly engaging, elegant, and dynamic inventory via our enhanced landing pages that empower marketers to achieve better mobile conversion, revenue, and reporting outcomes. These proprietary landing pages give organizations the opportunity to grow their subscriber base via email or SMS prompts, drive incremental app installs, and test different copy/user incentives to provide optimal results and more efficiently reach growth and revenue goals.


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How Button's landing pages optimize experiences that yield more results

Button's landing page is prompted when a user clicks on a mobile affiliate link. If the user does not have a brand's app installed, the landing page will offer the user a seamless journey to download and continue into the app. Button contributes 16% of total daily installs vs other channels, and partners leveraging Button's landing pages see 2x higher new customer app user Average Order Value (AOV) compared to existing app purchasers that already have the app installed.

On that landing page, Button works with marketers to develop custom packages geared towards their mobile KPIs, whether that be new user acquisition, app downloads, revenue, or branded awareness. From there, the sky's the limit for landing page optimized experiences. From promoting virtual try-ons in-app to driving personalized discounts, promoting app exclusives, and capturing phone numbers for SMS marketing, every aspect of the content can be customized with your specific goals in mind. What's more, Button also offers design services and a white-glove success team of tenured retail experts to ensure your landing pages are best-in-class.

Here are 5 ways marketers are seeing tremendous results from Button's landing pages:
  1. Unlock an untapped source of first-party data
  2. Brands are turning affiliate traffic into their newest and highest quality source for CRM lead capture powered by Button, and doing it all in a privacy compliant way post-iOS 14.5. By offering users the opportunity to enter their phone number or email address in exchange for exclusive offers and news, brands are tapping into a new source for growing their first-party data sets with high-value consumers they can engage and re-engage again and again.
  3. Boost branding and awareness while mitigating inventory shortages
  4. Landing pages are a powerful way to highlight your newest product releases, hottest collaborations, timely offers, and current inventory. On them, you can leverage embedded video or high quality video/gifs to drive better engagement for your brand. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents expect out-of-stocks this year given the current manufacturing and logistics climate. With higher costs and lack of inventory, brands put loyalty at risk, as 77% said they will trade brands in those cases.
  5. Launch a new carte blanche testing ground for experimentation
  6. Every marketer needs to constantly test product, design, and copy to ensure the most performant campaign variants are live in-market. Button's self-serve platform affords the simplicity to set up extensive multivariate testing to ensure your landing pages are optimized for click-through rates, install rates, conversion, and LTV. Coupled with a Button implementation specialist and strategic guidance from your Customer Success Manager, your landing page campaigns will be set up for success.
  7. Increase conversion rates with incentives
  8. One of the simplest and most effective ways brands see revenue lift from Button's landing page is by offering unique mobile offers to users on the landing page. Button's PostTap App technology will also dynamically apply the coupon code once unlocked to the user's basket — a seamless experience end-to-end! With dynamism like this in place, PostTap App brand partners have seen an aggregate of 30% more revenue per tap than standard mobile paid traffic.
  9. Upsell to high-value product lines
  10. Landing pages also offer brands the opportunity to showcase high-value product lines (i.e., credit cards) to their affiliate traffic. Not only can you upsell to higher-value product lines, but Button PostTap App brand partners see a 65% increase in higher repeat purchase rates among their app-routed users. If you're not generating installs from your valuable affiliate traffic, it leads to lower LTV, conversion rates, repeat purchases and AOV.

Level-up your landing pages to supercharge your mobile affiliate strategy

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. With Button's PostTap App platform, brands can create enhanced landing pages that not only provide seamless user experiences, but achieve your specific outcomes and goals as efficiently as possible. With the expected holiday affiliate-driven traffic increases just around the corner, it's never been a better time to grow your business with Button's custom landing page packages in Q4 and beyond!


If you're looking to achieve high ROI and resource efficiency with your campaigns, connect with us to get PostTap App's dynamic landing pages up and running today!