Finally! You had that eureka moment: the perfect app or mobile business idea. If you're a developer you probably got straight to work, building the best experience possible for your users. After countless late nights of putting together the perfect plan, team, and product, you're finally done. The app stores approved of your build, so now it's time to sit back and watch the money pour in, right?

Not quite. While the beginning is undeniably difficult, scaling your app and acquiring users can prove to be the most challenging. With cost per install averages rising, now up to $5-$6 on standard mobile ad networks, it can sometimes feel like a losing battle.

But then again, for some apps $5-$6 per user can be worth it if their lifetime value is high enough. Either way, you should understand all of the user acquisition channels available to you, how they perform, and where you can most efficiently spend your money to acquire the highest value users.

What are some of the metrics, then, that you should consider when evaluating your strategy?

We compiled benchmark data to help understand how various acquisition channels perform on average and what metrics you should use to assess your success. Download our complete guide to acquiring users on mobile to learn these insights and more, so you don't waste another day paying too much for too little return.