With the help of Button's seamless experiment tools, brands can agilely test and learn, driving the best outcomes for their SMS programs.

Have you ever thought about the best time of day to message your customers? As marketers, the question arises constantly. With multiple consumer touch-points and fierce competition for user attention, it's critical to communicate with your customers at the right time, through the right means. So - when should you reach your customers?


Recently, a leading e-retailer turned to Button to answer this very question.

This e-retailer uses Button's PostTap SMS solution to build audiences, engage with subscribers and evaluate campaign success and optimization strategies through powerful analysis features. The brand capitalized on the use of Button's Subscriber-Localized Messaging feature to execute an experiment, enabling them to automatically and seamlessly evaluate send times across their subscriber base.

The Subscriber-Localized Messaging feature allows brands to send messages based on a user's local time zone. Through this feature, brands can deliver messages at a relative time, local to each individual subscriber. Whether marketers are looking to explore the level of interaction at different times of the day or to simply reach subscribers at the exact time of a new product release, this feature gives brands optionality to achieve their goals.

The Experiment

The participating brand opted to deploy a single message to all subscribers across a single weekday. The e-retailer used Button's platform to randomly allocate subscribers into 10 time-slot groups and to deploy the message in the subscriber's local time zone for their assigned time-slot. 



These results enabled the brand to learn more about its subscriber base, and to draw insights across the trends:

  • 1PM drove the highest CVR - with many subscribers checking their devices around the time of a lunch break
  • Engagement (Taps per Message) improved throughout the day, with the highest engagement from users who received the message at 7PM - likely the time many Americans are settling down from work in the evening
  • The test also showed a mid-afternoon spike in taps and conversions at 3PM - representing an optimal time to reach subscribers during a workday slump
  • The earliest morning slot (10AM) drove low engagement and low conversion - indicating a time slot to avoid, as subscribers are likely just getting into their workday and may be less likely to engage with their mobile devices

Overall, the retailer was able to glean valuable insights into the optimal time of day to achieve campaign goals. As a brand that deeply values its customers, finding the optimal time to communicate with subscribers was critical to the participating retailer. Button's PostTap SMS platform served as a simple tool to set up automatic testing and gain insights to apply to future campaigns.

Want to identify the best time of day to message your subscribers? Reach out to Button today!