Working at Button I'm constantly thinking about good user experiences on mobile.

Like most people, my eyes have become trained to look past advertisements, but in the rare instance that I am served a relevant ad, I consciously pay attention. So naturally when I saw an ad for a product I was already considering buying, I clicked it. Yes, I was the .06 of every 100 people that actually click on a mobile ad.

But, to my dismay the ad wasn't deep linked, so I didn't land on the product I clicked on. Instead, I found myself at an install wall, and even after installing, I couldn't find the product I was after.

I immediately left, deleted the app, and forgot about the original article I was reading entirely, thrown off by this bad experience.

While no perfect solution exists for mobile acquisition just yet, there are a few better experiences in the works. One in particular making an impact is mobile affiliate marketing: mobile affiliate is a performance-based partnership, where one party, a publisher with a mobile site or app, drives traffic to and conversions in partner apps, usually commerce companies.

Traditional affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry that drives significant e-commerce revenue. Mobile commerce is slated to be an even bigger market, meaning affiliate for mobile should surpass desktop's market size.

Mobile affiliate can help you acquire mobile app users that actually end up converting. Check out the white paper below to learn more and to start incorporating affiliate into your mobile marketing mix.