Retailers optimizing creator and affiliate marketing strategies to maximize mobile revenue is vital to success in today’s changing digital landscape. Button and have proven that mobile optimization is one of the most reliable ways to grow revenue with existing creator and affiliate programs, and the best part, these programs can see triple digit growth on top of existing traffic from creators and publishers. This case study explores the transformative partnership between Button and By integrating Button’s AI-powered commerce optimization, has revolutionized their retailers’ marketing programs, delivering massive growth through improving mobile commerce performance.

An AI-Driven Affiliate Marketing Partnership

Button for Retailers, empowers marketers to optimize creator and affiliate marketing, driving higher sales and enhancing user engagement, through its unique AI-powered linking engine. Button uses AI to determine where user experiences are broken or where attribution is lost. When breakdowns in either case are identified, Button redirects traffic to a higher converting purchase path leveraging a reinforcement learning model. offers robust partnership management software, enabling marketers to discover and manage affiliates and creators effectively. Together, Button and can enhance retailers’ creator and affiliate revenue by integrating Button’s lightweight software into their app.  Once integrated, flips a switch, and optimization across all mobile traffic begins - and as you can see with numerous case studies including Uber’s, a joint Button and customer, revenue, conversion rates, and app activity skyrockets.

Analysis of Key Metrics

The partnership between Button and has yielded impressive results, as evidenced by the dramatic increase in revenue, the addition of “app installs”' as a method of app growth which has historically not been possible in affiliate, and improved incrementality and ROI.  Retailers across the retail, travel, marketplaces, and on-demand verticals have all seen success here, and Button and’s partnership is growing by triple digits YOY as a result. By analyzing data across merchants, including app versus mobile web performance, it’s clear that if marketers haven’t adopted these optimization capabilities, they’re leaving money on the table.

Through comprehensive analysis, we found that Button’s optimization solution in conjunction with’s partnership platform has enhanced user experience and engagement, driving incremental revenue for their joint customers. 

On average, the conversion rate of app traffic proved to be 200% higher than mobile web, resulting in massive increases in revenue for retailers. 

We saw this in the previous case study with Uber, who wanted to optimize their affiliate traffic to drive incremental growth. As a result of Button’s AI powered Conversion Tuning™ , the routing of more users into the Uber app doubled the revenue in their affiliate program and resulted in a surge of new user activations immediately after partnering with Button.

Often, retailers believe app deep linking is ready out of the box - but what they often don’t realize is that they’re still missing a ton of revenue and conversion from broken user experiences and attribution failing based on “where links are clicked”.  Button’s Conversion TuningTM  is enabled through a reinforcement learning model that takes in “where a click originates (OS version, app version, browser version, location, app install state, and more)” and based on where the link is directing (to a product detail page, home page, what app version the user is linking to), Button dynamically changes the destination (app or web) and type of deep link is used to maximize revenue per click by identifying where conversion rates are not “at par”. Most often, the culprit is a bad user experience or attribution tokens being “lost in the app shuffle”. 

Contact Button Today to Optimize Your AI-Driven Affiliate Marketing 

Focusing on ways to optimize your current traffic is a vital ingredient in the modern marketers’ toolset.  New creator and publisher traffic is hard to find, and seeing the success and Button have had and the growth the partnership is seeing with more and more of the world’s leading retailers adopting, this is a strategy every creator and affiliate marketer should be investing in. 

This partnership also underscores the potential AI-powered strategies can deliver to creator and affiliate marketing. Contact Button today to get started on revolutionizing your affiliate strategy and maximizing your ROI.